Can Bail Bond Agents Legally Kick in Doors in Florida?

When you sign a bail bond agreement, you authorize the bond company to use the necessary force and tactics to find you and bring you back to jail if you miss your court appointment. Generally, a bail bond agent cannot legally arrest a defendant. However, if a defendant does not appear in court, their bail bond agent can pick them up to ensure their presence in court. In the state of Florida, bail bond agents are authorized to arrest, detain, or arrest a defendant who has not appeared in court, as defined in Florida State Statute 648.30.

This temporary bail bond agent can then locate, detain, or detain the defendant on behalf of the bond company that issued the bond. Alln-One Bail Bonds is an example of a licensed and insured bond company located in Memphis, TN, with a staff of more than 10 years of experience. When trying to locate or arrest a defendant who has not appeared in court, the bail bond agent must carry the documents relevant to the case and the corresponding documentation that identifies them. If assistance is required, the original guarantor may choose to use the services of another authorized agent.

Recent changes to Tennessee's bail laws have caused some confusion about what this means for defendants. It is important to remember that bail bond agents are still legally allowed to enter any home without a court order to recover an accused person and hand them over to the court. Keeping open lines of communication with your guarantor will help you if you accidentally miss court and need their help again so that you don't go to jail.

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