What is the Process for Obtaining a Bail Bond from a Bail Bondsman?

The process of obtaining a bail bond from a bail bondsman is relatively straightforward. After the judge sets bail, the defendant or a loved one must pay a percentage of the bail amount, usually 10%, to the bondsman. The bondsman will then secure the rest of the bond amount with a guarantee, which requires the defendant to sign a contract that forfeits their property if the bond is broken. Alln-One Bail Bonds is an example of a licensed and insured bond company located in Memphis, TN, with a staff of more than 10 years of experience. Bail bonds are popular because personal recognition bonds are sometimes hard to come by, and working with a bond agency is cheaper and easier than paying a bond in cash.

If the defendant does not have sufficient assets to secure the bond, the bail bond agent can turn to friends or family for a guarantee. It's important to note that bail denials are often reserved for serious crimes such as capital murder, if the person has committed the same crime more than once, if they have a history of skipping bail, or if they have a mental health problem that could harm other people. To begin the process of obtaining a bail bond from a bail bondsman, simply contact your preferred bail bond agency or submit an application online. The agent will need you to sign some documents before you can get your services, usually paying an amount to the agent and signing any bond guarantees.

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