What Can a Bail Bondsman Legally Do in Florida?

When a loved one is arrested in Florida, it can be a confusing and complex situation. A bail bond is a set cost that determines how much it will take to get out of jail on bail. In most cases, the bail is pre-established and based solely on the crime. If the bail is too high, a West Palm Beach lawyer can ask the court to reduce it or release you on bail.

A bail bond agent will pay the full amount of the bond in court and, in return, you will be paid a 10% (non-refundable) fee for doing so. The guarantor then assures the court that the defendant will attend all court hearings until the case is over. All bond agents who are members of the same agency must be appointed to represent the same bond companies (insurers). If you pay the cash price of the bond, you must trust that the defendant will meet his obligations.

If the defendant does not violate the terms of the bail, the money is returned after the trial is over. Depending on the amount of the bond and other factors, the bond agent may require a guarantee, such as a lien on real property, to ensure that the agent can recover its losses if the bond is lost. It's important to review laws and regulations that affect bail bond agents and the operation of Florida bail bond agencies before opening your own agency. Any bail bond agent who intends to operate under any business name other than their individual name must create a secure MyProfile Bail Bond Agency account type and appoint a principal bond agent before they can operate or advertise.

Be aware that fraudsters may take advantage of people in jail or their families by posing as bail bond agencies that request payment over the phone. Florida doesn't allow bounty hunters. When dealing with bail bondsmen, it's important to understand all aspects of the Florida bail system, including frequently asked questions (FAQs). With legal support and expert negotiation throughout the process, you can ensure that your loved one is released from jail as soon as possible.

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