How Long Does It Take to Get Bail Money Back in Kentucky?

When it comes to getting bail money back in Kentucky, the process can take up to eight weeks. The money is usually sent by mail, and the processing time can take between one and two hours. If you paid a cash bond in court, the Department of Finance will send a check to the guarantor (or assignee) within two weeks of receiving the reimbursement order from the court. If you need to hire a bail bond agent, you can search for one with AboutBail's trusted network.

If you are the guarantor (the person who paid the bond in cash) or the assignee (the person to whom the guarantor transferred the cash bond) and you did not receive a refund check within eight weeks after the end of the case, contact the Cash Bail Bail Unit. The Department of Finance holds the bond funds in cash until the court closes the case and issues a court order to reimburse the bond in cash. Hiring a bail bond agent is usually cheaper because you will pay a bond premium, which is only a percentage of the total amount of the bond. If you want to learn more about how bonds work, our article on the subject can provide more information.

In general, once the bond has been deposited, you must be released that day. Depending on how quickly bail is set, he could be released a few hours after his arrest.

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